Reaction to Ilhan Omar Winning the DFL Endorsement

Jennifer-Zielinski-For MN5

Reaction to Ilhan Omar Winning the DFL Endorsement

We congratulate Ilhan Omar on receiving her party’s endorsement. In a crowded field of very qualified candidates, it was a difficult endorsement decision. It’s inspiring to see someone with her background achieve so much in America, and it’s great that the American dream is alive for all those who come to work for it.

Jennifer Zielinski is the best candidate to represent the people of Minnesota’s 5th District. She will be a voice of those who have not had a voice in a long time, a voice for all people. She will work to keep the American dream alive so Ilhan and all people can succeed. This country was founded on the principle that every American should have the opportunity to work hard and get ahead. It was not founded on handouts and dependence on the government. Jennifer will work to give real choice to the individual and every family, so they may succeed.

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