Minnesota Primary 2018 Election Results

Jennifer-Zielinski-For MN5

Minnesota Primary 2018 Election Results

Jennifer Zielinski is proud to be a part of the Republican victories tonight and we want to congratulate all the fellow Republican primary winners. Jen is ready to be the candidate to represent Minnesota’s 5th District and to take on Ilhan Omar in the November 6th election.

Omar is to the far left of even the most obstructionist Democrats in Washington. She will fight against the positive changes we have seen in our economy, our trade policies, and international relations over the past 18 months. Omar will not represent the people of our district, she will vote for larger, more invasive government and hurt our country’s growing prosperity.

Jennifer is the better choice for the people of Minnesota. She will not be a rubber stamp for anyone and she will fight for all of her constituents. Jennifer Zielinski will cross party lines to end the gridlock in Washington and get things done! Jen will work for common sense solutions to education, immigration, healthcare reform, fair trade and the energy independence.

Jennifer Zielinski is the best candidate to serve all the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Please vote for Jennifer Zielinski on November 6th!

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Reaction to Keith Ellison Filing for Attorney General

Jennifer-Zielinski-For MN5

We are happy to see Keith Ellison enter the Minnesota Attorney General race. We feel this is a positive change for Minnesota. Keith will bring his record of radical views and activities to the ballot for all Minnesotans. And we are confident if given the opportunity, the great people across Minnesota will reject Keith and his vision of the future for them.

It also opens up the race for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th. This gives the voters the option to break from the DFL leaders who care more for Antifa and open borders then about the failing schools of Minneapolis, the employment gap for minorities and the opioid abuse epidemic.

We feel the people of Minnesota’s 5th are ready for a change, and that change is Jennifer Zielinski.

The people of the CD5 count, they matter Keith!


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