Reaction to Ilhan Omar Winning the DFL Endorsement

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Reaction to Ilhan Omar Winning the DFL Endorsement

We congratulate Ilhan Omar on receiving her party’s endorsement. In a crowded field of very qualified candidates, it was a difficult endorsement decision. It’s inspiring to see someone with her background achieve so much in America, and it’s great that the American dream is alive for all those who come to work for it.

Jennifer Zielinski is the best candidate to represent the people of Minnesota’s 5th District. She will be a voice of those who have not had a voice in a long time, a voice for all people. She will work to keep the American dream alive so Ilhan and all people can succeed. This country was founded on the principle that every American should have the opportunity to work hard and get ahead. It was not founded on handouts and dependence on the government. Jennifer will work to give real choice to the individual and every family, so they may succeed.

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Reaction to Keith Ellison Filing for Attorney General

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We are happy to see Keith Ellison enter the Minnesota Attorney General race. We feel this is a positive change for Minnesota. Keith will bring his record of radical views and activities to the ballot for all Minnesotans. And we are confident if given the opportunity, the great people across Minnesota will reject Keith and his vision of the future for them.

It also opens up the race for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th. This gives the voters the option to break from the DFL leaders who care more for Antifa and open borders then about the failing schools of Minneapolis, the employment gap for minorities and the opioid abuse epidemic.

We feel the people of Minnesota’s 5th are ready for a change, and that change is Jennifer Zielinski.

The people of the CD5 count, they matter Keith!

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MN5 Republicans Endorse Jennifer Zielinski for Congress

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— Official Press Release from MN5 GOP —

The Republican Party of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District held it’s convention this last Saturday April 21st in Crystal, MN to endorse it’s candidate for Congress.

Two candidates were vying for the opportunity to go up against Keith Ellison in November. Christopher Chamberlin, resident of St. Cloud who had previously unsuccessfully ran for President, Governor and briefly US Senate against party activist, CD5 2017 Volunteer of the Year, and South Minneapolis resident Jennifer Zielinski.

Ms. Zielinski won by a landslide majority of the delegates and will be the Republican endorsed candidate. Jennifer was born and raised in the Twin Cities and currently resides in South Minneapolis. She is a graduate of University of Minnesota and now works as a clinical specialist for Allina Health.

Jennifer Zielinski expressed her desire to lead CD5 Get out the Vote efforts and help fellow Republican candidates with local and state-wide elections. When asked about Keith Ellison’s recent comment “women are dying because we (Democrats) are losing elections” Jennifer quipped back: “I am alive and well.”


For more information, contact
Jesse Pfliger, MN5 Chair

Reprinted by permission from MN5 GOP — Press Release available on the party website here.

Jennifer Zielinski for Congress

Endorsed Republican Candidate for Congress Jen Zielinski

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