• Minneapolis graduation rates fell to 66% in 2017, and the gaps are even larger for people of color.
  • If you’re Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, or Native American your chance of graduating high school are worse than almost any other state, our children are suffering due to our lack of ability to make positive change. (National center for education statistics)
  • No other state spends as much of it’s education money on non-classroom student support than we do in Minnesota. Where are we spending it? We need to make sure they money is going to impact our kids in the classroom not growing administrative budgets. (US Census annual survey of school finances)
  • We need to make sure teachers have the resources in the classroom to teach, and students resources to learn. We need to reward great teachers and hold schools accountable for bad results. We need to allow families to make the choice and have the ability to send their kids to the school that is best for their children and gets results not be strapped to an underperforming school.

Economy & The Trump Tax Cut

  • Trump’s tax plan worked! It may be only “crumbs” to rich out-of-touch Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, but it’s real money in the bank to hard working Americans.
  • Americans’ 401Ks are going up, we have more take home pay, consumer confidence is up (May was up), I say things are going well. And if we elect Democrats they plan to reverse all of that and raise our taxes!
  • When you put more money in people’s paychecks and allow our businesses to invest more in their business instead of paying higher taxes, everyone wins. When we give people choices, they do what’s best for them.


  • I support enforcing the laws on the books and the citizens of the US.
  • Immigration is an important part of the American history and our future; there are countless examples of the positive contributions from immigrants.
  • We must know who is coming to and who is in our country. We need a policy that works for the American people and our economy as well as for immigrants.
  • I support giving the experts what they need, making sure we have boots on the ground, up-to-date technology and the resources to enforce the laws. If a wall is needed or makes sense, I support it; if it doesn’t in some areas, then let’s not do it. I’m for what makes sense, what works and what the experts believe is necessary.

The Party of Choice

  • The time has come for us to address federal code regarding marijuana. Let’s allow states to legalize and decriminalize it.
  • I want to give people real choice, the choice that’s right for them not the one decided by a few elite individuals in St. Paul or DC.
  • The Republican Party wants to give people true choice: in education, in business, and in their personal lives.
  • The Democratic Party has hijacked the word “choice,” they want to control you, but let you think it’s your choice.

Keith Ellison’s Run for Attorney General

  • What kind of congressman or AG for that matter sides with ANTIFA?
  • It’s good that Keith is leaving Congress, we don’t need another open borders advocate in DC.

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