Jennifer Zielinski for Congress

Jennifer Zielinski is the right choice for Minnesotans, because you count, you matter!

Jennifer Zielinski, Endorsed Republican Candidate for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th. Jen is a life-long Twin Cities resident and currently lives in South Minneapolis. She works in health care. Jen is a Republican activist and has been for over 10 years, working on campaigns while helping build our party.

Time for change, time for results, choose Jen this November

Jennifer Zielinski’s top goals are to keep the economy growing, continue the Trump tax cuts, and stand up for our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Jen will also work to ensure we fix the problems with affordability and effectiveness of healthcare, improve education for all Americans and also work to address the opioid abuse crisis that is facing our nation.

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With an open Governor’s race and two Senate races, 2018 is an important election year for Minnesota Republicans. Successful GOP turnout in Minnesota’s 5th District is critical to winning state wide elections and turning Minnesota Red!

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